OFBiz Demos

About our Demos

We have several online OFBiz demos that you can try out. Each demo is split into two areas:

  • E-Commerce webstore and
  • the backend ERP applications

The E-Commerce webstore is what your customers will see and allows them to order products, request returns or register as a new customer. Our demo also gives you some examples other things (Surveys, Blogs, Factoids, etc) also provided within OFBiz that you can include on your website.

The backend ERP applications allow you to setup and use accounting, customer orders (with or without the e-commerce store), inventory, manufacturing, human resources, CRM, and all the process that a standard business would need. You can also do the admin setup for the webstore

NOTE: The default user login is "admin" and password "ofbiz". All demo user logins such as DemoCustomer, DemoSupplier, DemoEmployee etc have the default password "ofbiz"

Developer Trunk - Demo

Please note that the trunk version is not recommended for a production environment. It is experimental code and contains developments in progress that once stablised will become part of future stable releases.

Backend Management (ERP) Applications

Front End E-Commerce Webstore

Next Release 22.01 - Demo

This demo is for the next to come OFBiz release.

Backend Management (ERP) Applications

Front End E-Commerce Webstore