Release Notes 16.11.03

Apache OFBiz® 16.11.03, released in 2017-06-29, is the third release of the 16.11 series, that has been stabilized since November 2016.


  • [[OFBIZ-9286]] - ERROR: Cannot do a find that returns an EntityListIterator with no transaction in place
  • [[OFBIZ-9305]] - change property value cause ofbiz can't start
  • [[OFBIZ-9373]] - Create new blog article entry error
  • [[OFBIZ-9374]] - Fix TemporalExpressions.Frequency to avoid moving job start times away from given freqCount raster
  • [[OFBIZ-9384]] - RequestHandlerException on request link of Quote Price page
  • [[OFBIZ-9386]] - RequestHandlerException on request link of Quote Profit page
  • [[OFBIZ-9387]] - CostServices.xml#getProductCost fail currency conversion
  • [[OFBIZ-9407]] - simple methods not terminating on error condition
  • [[OFBIZ-9410]] - Software not usable all standard installs failed
  • [[OFBIZ-9425]] - createShipment code logic error


  • [[OFBIZ-8202]] - Use try-with-resources statement wherever it's possible
  • [[OFBIZ-9380]] - renderDateTimeField works in IE, not working with lastest Chrome
  • [[OFBIZ-9406]] - Update Geo data for India
  • [[OFBIZ-9413]] - Update Currency Uom data
  • [[OFBIZ-9422]] - Accounting Manager \ Fixed Assets, press button [NEW FIXED ASSET], but action button is [Update], not [Save]

New Feature

  • [[OFBIZ-7120]] - Multisite support in specialpurpose/cmssite