Release Notes 16.11.07

Apache OFBiz® 16.11.07, released in 2020-02-04, is the seventh release of the 16.11 series, that has been stabilized since November 2016.


  • [OFBIZ-11196] - Path Traversal in webtools/control/FetchLogs and ViewFile


  • [OFBIZ-7664] - Inconsistencies on the title and the label on button of create forms.
  • [OFBIZ-10284] - Handling tenant in XmlRpcEventHandler
  • [OFBIZ-10585] - Production run not created for marketing package auto type product if component inventory is not available
  • [OFBIZ-10796] - Check run payment(A/P) transactions not getting available for reconciliation
  • [OFBIZ-11038] - Unable to view a PartyContent on view profile page of a party
  • [OFBIZ-11068] - Error while CSR creates a return.
  • [OFBIZ-11113] - “At least one phone number is required below” message should be uneditable while creating new customer using partymgr
  • [OFBIZ-11119] - Sales By Store Report not working
  • [OFBIZ-11122] - FTL Error on Order Entry Payment screen
  • [OFBIZ-11123] - NotSerializableException after uploading images to an order
  • [OFBIZ-11201] - Error in log when looking for parties at partymgr/control/main
  • [OFBIZ-11216] - "Get Hint Password" functionality is not working
  • [OFBIZ-11230] - EditExample always update status, because current Status not shown
  • [OFBIZ-11252] - FTL error for purchase order with Bulk Item Type

New Feature

  • [OFBIZ-10639] - Cookie Consent In E-Commerce For Release Branch 16.11


  • [OFBIZ-11198] - FindArInvoices request needs performance improvement regarding use of EntityListIterator::hasNext method