Release Notes 18.12.13

Apache OFBiz® 18.12.13, released on May 2024, is the 13th release of the 18.12 series, that has been stabilized since December 2018.

Release Notes - OFBiz - Version 18.12.13


  • [OFBIZ-12942] - [SECURITY] Several CVEs in Apache Tomcat


  • [OFBIZ-10111] - The child event added is not listed in the Child Work Efforts. While if we add an existing event it is listed in the WorkEffort component
  • [OFBIZ-12820] - PaymentGroup Cancel button is shown to viewer
  • [OFBIZ-12932] - The view log feature in webtools is missing the "Log File Name"
  • [OFBIZ-12936] - ‎SecuredUpload‎::checkMaxLinesLength put in a regression for PDF files
  • [OFBIZ-12937] - Prevent possible file race conditions with SecuredUpload class
  • [OFBIZ-13006] - Reject wrong URLs
  • [OFBIZ-13039] - dateType parameter not existing in "renderDateTimeField" Macro
  • [OFBIZ-13059] - Old error in showPortalPage screen
  • [OFBIZ-13067] - Error while rendering content [APACHE_OFBIZ_HTML]
  • [OFBIZ-13071] - Could not find PortalPage with portalPageId []


  • [OFBIZ-13073] - Use new Tomcat 9 maxDays Access_Log_Valve Attribute