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We welcome everyone who would like to join our community and participate in our mailing lists. We expect that everyone respects the mailing list participation guidelines and the ASF Code of Conduct .

To subscribe to a mailing list please:

  • Click the button of the mailing list you want to subscribe to
  • On the following page, click the 'Subscribe' button
  • Send the automatically created email from your email client
  • You will receive an email about the mailing list manager program (EZMLM)
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User Mailing List

The user list is intended for help or issues with OFBiz installation, deployment, custom development and usage related topics.

Please remember if you are reporting an issue to include the following:

  • What you were looking for?
  • How did you try to achieve it?
  • What did you expect as results?
  • What you actually got as results?
User List

Developer Mailing List

The developer list is strictly for topics related to the design and development of the OFBiz Project itself.

Please don't ask questions relevant to User Mailing List in this Mailing List.

If you are not sure to which list to post to then use the User Mailing List..

Developer List

Commit Mailing List

The commits list is used to notify subscribers of commits to the OFBiz SVN repository. It is only used for reference.

Please don't ask any questions on this list. It is not used for discussions.

If you are not sure to which list to post to then use the User Mailing List.

Commits List

Community Help and Support

Our Community is keen to share information and support other OFBiz users. Please don't hesitate to view or participate in our mailing list discussions.

Un-subscribing from our Mailing Lists

To unsubscribe from any of the following lists, please send an empty, subjectless email to mailing list unsubscribe addresses.

  • user-unsubscribe@ofbiz.apache.org
  • dev-unsubscribe@ofbiz.apache.org
  • commits-unsubscribe@ofbiz.apache.org